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US Review of Books Gives Badlands a Recommended Rating

“Some writers have mastered the art of spinning fantastic tales, trotting out lies of mystery, romance, and high adventure that while barely believable still manage to entertain us. Others choose to cut closer to the bone of truth, making us turn to the author’s blurb at the back of the book to see whether or not what we are reading is fiction or fact. Biel falls into this latter camp with his debut collection of linked stories . . .”  Read more

Upon being placed on the “short list” for the Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize last spring, US Review of Books automatically writes a kind of pre-review of the book.  Thereafter, the book is sent to a reviewer and the official review is published, which you can read by clicking on that link.

Badlands received a “Recommended” status, which according to US Review, goes to about 10% of books reviewed by them, whether self, independent, or major publisher.  

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