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Second in a series and Head and the Heart

Saw a really good concert tonight with Lena.  We saw Head and the Heart at the Riverside in Milwaukee.   So fun to see. There just is nothing like listening to your kind of music, played live by a band of people putting all their talents together into a team and coming up with just this perfect fucking blend of sound.  We had a great time and if you don’t know the band look em up.

Every time I see live music it raises my spirit, so I can only imagine what it must be like to play it at the highest levels, whatever kind of music it might be.  Playing music really must be the most fun of all the things to do, the most heavenly, and lasting.  Joyful.

So, in tribute to the live music, this the second in a series of Badlands snippets.  Night music, Please!

From “Hell on Wheels

Jesus drank his own pee,” I said, with a little pointed edge toward Augie.

“Jesus did not drink his own pee,” said Augie, defensive as if he was shocked at the idea.

“Yes, he did.  Harvey McAuliffe told me about it.  He told me and his little brother Terry one day when I went to their dad’s church.  I ain’t lying.”

“I think Jesus made his disciples drink it, too.”

Idaho and Augie just stared at me.  Idaho came to my support.  “Matthew’s dad is a minister, so he probably knows.”

“Well, I’m Catholic and I’ve been through catechism and no one said anything about anyone drinking pee.”

“So, at the Last Supper, what did Jesus have his disciples drink then?” i asked Augie.  I would prove my point with logic.


“That’s right.  Jesus had everyone drink his blood at the Last Supper, so why would it be so difficult to believe that they drank their own pee?  I’d rather drink pee than blood anyday.”

“I’d rather drink blood,” said Idaho.

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