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Landscape Artist Dale Beckman’s Work Is Superb

I’d like to acknowledge the artist whose image makes the cover of Badlands.  The cover is a copy of an original work by Dale Beckman.  For me, the image is very important since it is Dale’s artistic vision of a place in Makoshika State Park in eastern Montana where the book’s stories are set.  The first “story” of the book, or the introduction, is in fact entitled “Makoshika.”  I love the fact that the cover of this book is a personal artistic vision of the place from which the stories draw their inspiration.

Dale and I grew up in Glendive, Montana about a block apart.  To be able to collaborate with someone I knew, who lived in the same neighborhood, who went to the same high school, to me, adds a kind of authenticity to the whole book.

Dale often used the badlands of eastern Montana as a subject for his early work.  From Glendive, Dale migrated down to New Mexico where the similar wide-open landscapes again inspired his paintings. Currently he lives in Helena, MT, and as he told me recently, he will be doing some more Maksohika settings.  She’s a heck of a model.

I highly recommend visiting Dale’s websites to see his work.  I find his work exhilarating.  His paintings vibrate, the sizzle, they dazzle, they transport. And if you think I’m just floating out some artistic sounding descriptive words, then look for yourself and I think you will agree.  Dale’s Websites are and

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  1. Thanks for the key local links. Here’s one from me for you as ‘WELL’ -*- to a short story about a bird named Tom, with a brother named Tim:
    Keep the music alive -*- Enjoy …

    June 24, 2013

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