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Badlands Reviewed in Montana’s State of the Arts

Montana native Thomas Biel’s collection of short stories, all set in the fictional town of Riverside, are infused with the urgency and unpredictability of adolescence. Matthew, the teenage narrator and son of a Presbyterian minister struggling with his faith, recounts coming of age in a town “that sits on the edge of the vast apron of badlands,” where he discovers that life “is lived between the smooth bones of death.”  From Montana Arts Council’s State of the Arts Newspaper, July-August

Montana has a long and proud literature and arts tradition.  The state has prided itself for its abundance of writers, which appears to be ever growing and expanding if one looks at the Montana’s State of the Arts Newspaper and its “About Books” page.

I am pleased to present this review included in this bi-monthly edition of State of the Arts.  Even though I am becoming a Wisconsinite, I will always first identify with Montana, my birth state and the place that imprinted upon me more than any other place in which I’ve landed over my lifetime.

Follow the link to read the review.  You will notice if you peruse the other reviews that Kristi Niemeyer and Judy Schafter write all the reviews.  Wow!  My hats off and sincere appreciation for their work and dedication to giving coverage and critiques to all of these writers and their books.

Here’s the link to the page in the July-August edition of Montana State of the Arts Newspaper:

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