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Badlands is Going Home

Hi folks,

Badlands is going home.  I and my business associate Leo Biel will be in Glendive, Montana this Friday and Saturday, July 12-13.  Badlands is a collection of short stories, fiction, all set in the fictionalized town of Riverside.  I grew up in Glendive and am a graduate of DCHS, class of 1972.

I will be selling books, and signing them if one chooses, at the Coffee Den in Glendive, Saturday morning between 12-2.  I may also be at the farmers market on Friday, courtesy of the invitation from Dona Culver.  Thanks, Dona.

The stories are not about the badlands, per se, but rather about a young kid growing up in a small town back in the era dominated by the Vietnam War.  The badlands are the constant backdrop to the stories, and hopefully, are a meaningful presence throughout.

Leo and I don’t have too many books left to sell, so those of you reading this who are in Glendive, come on down to the Coffee Den around noon and pick up a book.  Special “badlands” discount!  See you all.  I look forward to it.

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