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Badlands Finalist

I’d like to announce that Badlands has been recognized as a finalist for the da Vinci Eye Award for the Hoffer Book Awards.  The da Vinci Eye recognizes book cover and book design.  Badlands is entered into the awards for its writing as well, but those results won’t be known until May.

In the meantime, I’d really like to congratulate the cover designer/painter Dale Beckman for his smashing cover design of Badlands and for the inside drawings that head each chapter.  Here are Dale’s site links: and

Dale is a superb landscape artist and his work is visually exciting, stimulating, and original.  I was so lucky to get him to do the cover because I think as much as anything his cover helps sell the book.

Dale’s work is inspired by the wide open and rugged landscapes of eastern Montana and New Mexico.

Take the time to visit Dale’s websites, linked above.  You’ll like what you see.  His prints are affordable, and if you are really interested in the real stuff, his originals are great investments.  Truly, his work is unique and beautiful and striking.  See for yourself, and thanks Dale!  I hope that we’ll go beyond finalist, but you know, every bit of recognition is good.  Congratulations on your work.



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