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A slide show of photos at Milwaukee rally for Public Education

There’s a link below to photos taken by Joe Brusky at the Milwaukee rally for the support of public eduction.  I especially like the last photo of the gentleman holding a poster that says, “Defend Democracy.”  That, to me, is the heart of the matter.  As the movement to weaken public education in Wisconsin and the movement toward privatization through vouchers and school take overs grows, we have to keep in mind that public education is an essential part of the democracy.  We are committed to a better, just, and more democratic society.  A democracy that seeks to take the public out of education is a democracy in name only.  We shan’t be fooled.  We can’t be cooled.  We won’t be bamboozled.  We ain’t goin anywhere.  We’ll hold our ground.  (Sounds like a Tom Petty song or something.)  Power to the public.  Thanks to Joe Brusky for these photos.

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